Bespoke Beauty Whitehaven offer relaxing spa body treatments in our tranquil pamper room. All body treatments are bespoke to our clients and performed by our very own in house practitioner. Why not take a step back from the everyday stresses of life and relax with us a Bespoke Beauty. 

70 Minute Hot Stone Massage / Therapy - £45.00

Hot Stone Therapy comes with many health benefits as well as a relaxing treatment in itself. The warm oiled Basalt Stones are placed around the body with smaller stones for in between the toes, generating heat in to the bodies tissues. You may drift off in to a dreamy state and forget where the hot stones are placed. Special massage techniques are performed.

Hot Stones are beneficial for:-

* Rheumatoid Arthritis

* Aches & Pains

* Muscle Tension

* Depression

* Relaxation

* Lymphatic Flow

* Stress Relief


Back to Back ( Exclusive to Bespoke Beauty ) - £35.00

A 30 minute Back Massage to relieve tension, knots & stress. We utilise a Cranberry & Passion Fruit back scrub followed by a purifying Mud Pack applied all over the back area and left to set for 15 minutes. This leaves you feeling vitalised, rejuvenated and relaxed.

Benifts of the Back to Back treatment are:-

* Relieves Stress & Tension

* Breaks down Muscle Fibres (Knots)

* Improves desquamation & Cell Renewal

* Purifies 


And here's what the LED Light Mask does.....

BLUE LIGHT at 415nm penetrates only to the sebaceous glands producing singlet oxygen, a deadly bactericide that kills the P. Acnes bacteria. It is effective in treating acne vulgaris, showing reductions in both comedones and inflammatory acne lesions. Remarkable results are noted for rosacea and broken capillaries.

RED LIGHT at 635nm increases collagen production within the skin. It triggers repair mechanisms and stimulates Fibroblast cells and cell growth. Red light absorbs quickly because of high blood and water content.

INFRARED LIGHT at 835nm improves wrinkles and encourages the macrophages to release factors stimulating Fibroblast Proliferation. The LED helps skin rejuvenate and brightens the complexion. The LED Mask is a great add on to facial treatments or as a standalone treatment. Packages are available and this treatment will be added to the Deluxe Dermaplane Pro Treatment. It can also be combined with Microdermabrasion for best results.

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